I’m a people-focused, technical lead with over 15 years of experience in Web design and development, over 10 years in software engineering, and over 5 years in large-scale engineering, technical leadership and education.

What I do

I specialize in technical leadership, architecture and software development. My background is in JavaScript and all native Web technologies. I am driven by solving complex problems at large scales as well as empowering teams through collaborative leadership, education and mentoring.

How I do it

I accomplish the above through a strong, people philosophy and clear technical vision. For people, my focus is on three foundational elements: 1) build a complimentary, diverse team, 2) empower each individual for success, and 3) continual improvement through iteration.

The technical philosophy is also focused on three foundational things: 1) document an explicit, goal-driven process, 2) focus on functional, (test-centric) composition, and 3) adhere to a “designed to evolve” architecture.

Why I do it

I find tremendous joy in building highly effective, collaborative, empowered teams. From the users to the team to the community, I focus heavily on diversity, inclusion, education and trust. I strongly believe technology is intrinsically linked to the very people and culture that build it. So, it is incumbent on us to ensure we don’t lose sight of the importance of each other in our endeavors to build the best technology.